Toys safety (section reserved to supervisory authority)

The 2009/48/EC Directive of the European Parliament published on June 18, 2009, establishes the essential safety requirements of toys, including the specific safety requirements regarding physical and mechanical properties, flammability, chemical properties, electrical properties, hygiene and radioactivity.

Compared to the previous Directive, 88/378/EEC, the new approach involves all economic operators, such as manufacturer, agent, importer and distributor. Each of them must, in their own way, ensure that the toy placed on the market does not endanger either the child's health or the environment.

Edison Giocattoli, as a manufacturer of toy guns and ammunition, has adopted all the measures imposed by the new Directive: analysis of products during development in order to maintain production standards to ensure high security for all parts produced and placed on the market.

This file was created as a document to accompany the issued declarations of conformity. Its purpose is to bring the criteria adopted by Edison Giocattoli for maintaining the safety of their produced toys to the knowledge of any national authority, who does request this.

Edison Giocattoli is an ethically correct company from every point of view, especially when it comes to product safety. Edison Giocattoli was never tempted by easy money by purchasing, for example, raw material of questionable origin. All material used for the production must meet the essential requirements of safety standards for toys and in order to better guarantee this it was chosen to limit the raw material suppliers to European suppliers only.

In accordance with this Directive, manufacturers must draw up technical documentation. Manufacturers shall keep this technical documentation and the EC declaration of conformity for a period of 10 years after the toy has been placed on the market.

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